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About Us

       Registered and established in January 1989, Weihai International Economic & Technical Cooperative Co., Ltd. (WIETC) has formed a multinational business pattern with the coordinated development of engineering construction, manpower service, shipping cooperation, real estate development, mineral resources development, investment cooperation, logistics services, and other industries, expanded the markets in more than 30 countries and regions in Asia, Africa and Europe, and set up local companies in more than 20 countries and regions.

       WIETC has undertaken and implemented more than 500 international engineering projects in total, achieved a business turnover of more than USD 8 billion, and built a brand and formed unique competitive advantages in the fields of engineering construction such as international airports, clean energy, roads and bridges, urban water supply, stadiums and gymnasiums, and public buildings. The Company has continuously transformed and upgraded the development mode of engineering business, shifted from general construction contracting to general development contracting and to general EPC contracting, and made breakthroughs in BOT, PPP, and other investment-construction-operation integration models. Furthermore, the Company has entered the domestic engineering market in reliance on the national dual circulation development strategy. Through WIETC, more than 100,000 workers of various types have been sent to 20 countries and regions including Japan, Australia, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Israel, and more than 20,000 seamen in various types have been sent to Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, and other countries and regions. A global human resource service pattern has gradually emerged, focusing on the integrated management of inland labor services and the dispatch of seafarers, as well as the collaborative development of human resources in China, Southeast Asia, and Africa. Adhering to the philosophy of extensive consultation, joint contribution, and shared benefits, the Company has made great efforts to conduct investment and cooperation in Africa, built high-quality residential communities in many countries where it operates, acquired more than 20 precious and rare metal mining rights, participated in investment and development of the potash salt mines in the Republic of the Congo, and made investment in a number of China-Africa production capacity cooperation projects, including cassava processing plants, ceramic tile plants, ethanol processing plants, and logistics service companies.

       During the process of development, WIETC has gradually cultivated a corporate culture of honesty & integrity, inclusion, love & care, innovation and excellence, and built a high-level, inclusive and cross-cultural cadre team, to ensure the sustainable and high-quality development of various businesses effectively. While conducting the business, WIETC has fulfilled its social responsibilities actively, promoted the sound development of the economy and society in the countries where it operates, and realized the dual harvest of corporate and social benefits.

       With outstanding performance, WIETC has won wide recognition from the society and the industry and has long served as the Vice President of national industry organizations such as China International Contractors Association, China Coordination Council for Overseas Seamen Employment, and Sino-Japan Trainee Cooperation Organization of China. WIETC has been awarded the title of “Advanced Collective of National Commerce System by the Ministry of Commerce”. Since 2007, WIETC has been included in the list of the top 250 international engineering contractors in the world evaluated by US Engineering News Record (ENR), ranking 88th in 2018. WIETC has won the “Excellence Award for Corporate Social Responsibility of China International Contracting and Engineering Enterprises” and has been awarded honorary medals by local governments and presidents multiple times.

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