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Responsibility Fulfilling


Fulfilling social responsibilities is an important way for a company to create a healthy and harmonious business environment and achieve sustainable development.

WIETC is people-oriented. It provides employees with a good platform and attractive salary and welfare. The salaries always maintain a high level in the industry. It continuously improves working and living conditions of overseas staffs. Various facilities are first-class in the local Chinese enterprises. It respects customs in the host countries, equally treats local staffs; carries out recreational and sports activities participated by both Chinese and foreign employees, and creates a healthy, positive and international enterprise culture.

WIETC vigorously carries out the localization strategy in host countries to promote local economic and social development. In each market, it has set up a local company, built office building, living area, logistics base and workshop, employed local staffs, and it offers construction technique training classes to train local workers free of charge, and recruits people who passed the exams to work on the project sites.

WIETC takes an active part in all kinds of public welfare activities. In China, the Company financially aids Shendaokou Primary School and Middle School, Shandong Jianzhu University and Weihai Children Welfare House through donations, scholarships, facilities providing and other ways to support community development; established "WIETC Charity Fund” in Weihai Charity Federation, and at least donates RMB500,000 each year. It is the largest fund in all named funds established by Municipal Charity Federation. In foreign countries, it provides long-term funding to various social assistance agencies, schools, national sports teams, etc.; in case of natural disasters or social crisis, the Company tries its best to participates in rescue; and it uses the construction force to repair roads and provide water and electricity facilities for local residents, and builds public facilities for local governments. As a policy of the Company, overseas branches should make a list of different schemes and activities of social responsibility consistent with the local actual conditions every year. Up to now, the company has invested tens of millions of yuan in public welfare.

WIETC's efforts are widely praised by all walks of life. It has won "Leading Enterprise of China Overseas Project Contracting in Social Responsibility Fulfilling" awarded by China International Contractors Association, and many other honorary titles issued by foreign governments and Chinese Embassies.

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